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Lake Como or Lario is particularly appreciated for its natural beauty.
It is a basin of glacial origin, progressively formed by the movement of a glacier set between the beautiful Lario mountains.


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In the area there is the possibility to taste typical local dishes, accompanied by fine wines from the right. The typical dishes of the area are related to the fishing tradition and the foods that are low mountains.
The risotto with fillet of perch from Lake Como:
delicate risotto, which is accompanied by fillets of perch caught in our waters.
The Missoltini of Lake Como:
Dedicated to those who love strong flavors, are Agoni, fish from Lake Como are patiently dried in the sun by the fishermen of the village and then put in brine for months. Are cooked on the grill and served with vinaigrette served with toasted polenta.
The pizzoccheri Valtellina:
Buckwheat noodles coarsely cut and topped with local cheese, potatoes, seasonal vegetables such as cabbage and creamed with butter scented with garlic and a sprinkling of pepper.
The cheeses Alpe:
The area offers delicious cheese made ​​from the milk of the surrounding mountains. There are for all tastes from stronger and more mature than younger and delicate. If accompanied by good local honey.


The golden whitefish:
It 's the most popular fish on Lake Como for its white meat and delicate flavor.
The vineyards in the area offer excellent wines both red and white, the most prestigious are the ones coming from the Valtellina area, north of Lake Como.
WINE TASTING: we offer you the opportunity to spend an afternoon on the lake of Lugano on the Italian side to try the delicious Italian wines. You can also organize your transfer. A reservation is required.