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Lake Como or Lario is particularly appreciated for its natural beauty.
It is a basin of glacial origin, progressively formed by the movement of a glacier set between the beautiful Lario mountains.


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L'hotel ha usufruito di contributi assegnati dalla
Regione Lombardia per l’ammodernamento e lo sviluppo della struttura


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To visit

The hotel is ideally placed for excursions to the sites of greatest artistic and touristic interest around the lake. Detailed information is available at the hotel.

We suggest these destinations, among others

Villa Carlotta
Villa Balbianello
I giardini di Villa Melzi
Villa Monastero

You can easily tour the beautiful sites around Lake Como on your own, but if you would prefer to have a guide, you can join one of the boat trips organized in the central lake area. The best way, however, is still the ferry that allows you to enjoy unforgettable views that can only be seen from the lake. In addition, many of the most beautiful villas are hidden from the road, but not from those in a boat.